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Bastion for iPad Now a Universal App, Optimized for iPhone 5!

By Greg Kasavin November 14 2012

Today we're rolling out the 1.1 update to Bastion for iPad, which adds support for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and 5th generation iPod touch! As part of this, Bastion is now fully optimized for the iPhone 5's Retina display -- check out the screenshots in this post to get an impression -- and we've also added iCloud support so your progress can transfer seamlessly from one device to another. (To transfer existing data to iCloud, please update the app and load each save slot you want to sync.)

This is a free update if you already own Bastion for iPad, and new players can get the game on any of these devices for $4.99. Either way, head over to Bastion's page on the App Store to get the latest version, or read on for more info.

Bastion for iPad was our first foray into iOS gaming, and the response we got was amazing. The game earned Editors' Choice on the App Store, very positive reviews from the press, as well as glowing reviews from thousands of players who took the time to rate it.

Then, a couple of months ago on September 12, Apple unveiled the iPhone 5. Now, we'd previously stated in our FAQ for the iPad version that we chose to focus exclusively on iPad both for technical reasons and because we "felt the game experience would not translate well to the iPhone's smaller screen." Well, the iPhone 5 added quite a bit of screen real estate, so we decided to take another look. And sure enough, we found that Bastion looked great and ran beautifully on the new device. Of course we still needed to update all the menu screens and re-tune the controls to fit the smaller form factor, not to mention implement iCloud support, so all that took a little while. But it's finally ready!

While we were looking into getting the game on iPhone 5, we wanted to see which other iOS devices we could support. We found the game looked and played better than we expected on iPhone 4S, and also worked great on the new 5th generation iPod touch, so we added support for those too.

Bastion also plays great on the recently released iPad mini and 4th generation iPad. The iPad mini's smaller form factor turns out to be a very comfortable fit if you prefer the Classic Controls setting, and the game runs especially fast and smooth on the 4th gen iPad.

Here is a full list of devices supported by Bastion for iOS after the 1.1 update: - iPad 2 - iPad 3rd Generation - iPad 4th Generation - iPad mini - iPhone 4S - iPhone 5 - iPod touch 5th Generation

The game will not run on older devices for technical reasons.

If you have more questions about Bastion for iOS, check out to our updated FAQ from the Bastion iPad launch. And if you get a chance to try this latest update, please let us know what you think by rating the app or leaving comments here or on Twitter or Facebook.

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