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Bastion in the Humble Indie Bundle V!

By Greg Kasavin May 31 2012

Update 6/15/2012: The Humble Indie Bundle V is officially over, with 598,980 bundles sold for a total of $5,106,887.23. This was just amazing and we'd like to thank everyone who purchased the bundle for their generous support, and are happy to have contributed with our game. Special thanks to the organizers and our fellow dev teams for being so great to work with on this! To all our new players, we hope you enjoy the game!

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Question: What do LIMBO, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Psychonauts, and Bastion have in common? If you answered, "Why, they're costarring in the Humble Indie Bundle V, an amazing value where you can pay what you want to get these games in a cross-platform, DRM-free format, complete with full soundtrack downloads for each title... and help a charitable cause for good measure," then you're me. But at any rate, this news is true!

Among other things, Humble Indie Bundle V marks Bastion's debut on Linux. We've received a lot of requests from Linux users for a Bastion version native to your preferred OS, so we hope you guys enjoy it...!

We're honored to be included among such an inspiring group of games here. Each game has its own distinct identity and beautifully crafted atmosphere -- from the pervasive sense of claustrophobic dread in Amnesia, to the haunting and otherworldly landscapes of LIMBO, to the soulful 8-bit homage of Sworcery, to the whimsical and memorable cast of Psychonauts. Head on over to for more information and get the games for yourself! It's a limited time offer so act fast.

Oh, and in case you're not already familiar with the games in the lineup, we helped put together a little trailer to get you in the mood:

The Humble Indie Bundle V is the best deal on Bastion that's ever been offered, to say nothing of the four other outstanding games included in the package. Check it out and tell all your friends!

One last thing! Our art director Jen Zee cooked up a little wallpaper for the occasion. All yours!

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