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Bastion leading off Xbox 360's Summer of Arcade on July 20

By Greg Kasavin June 27 2011

Today Microsoft revealed more details about its fourth annual Summer of Arcade on Xbox LIVE, and that means some big news for us here at Supergiant Games: It means we can tell you that Bastion is coming to the Xbox 360 on July 20, less than a month from now.

Bastion will be the first of five Summer of Arcade titles, and will be selling for 1200 Microsoft Points.

With the game releasing so soon, we're very, very excited to see what you all will think of it, and we have some cool stuff planned between now and July 20. Thanks so much to all of you who saw the potential in Bastion to get us to this amazing point in our studio's relatively short history.

To those of you learning about Bastion for the first time, welcome aboard! Please follow @Supergiantgames and check out our Bastion FAQ for more info.