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Bastion Now on Mac App Store, SteamPlay Enabled!

By Greg Kasavin April 26 2012

We're very happy to announce that Bastion is now available for the Mac! Mac users can get it right now on the Mac App Store. Additionally, if you've purchased the PC version of the game through Steam, you'll be getting a free SteamPlay update for Bastion, which means you'll be able to play the game on Mac as well as PC (complete with cross-platform cloud saves). So the next time you find yourself with nothing but a Mac, the Internet, and your Steam account, you can always go back to Bastion!.

Bastion for the Mac is essentially identical to the PC version, so you can expect the same high-resolution 1080p hand-painted artwork, fully remappable controls, and smooth gameplay experience. Here's an image:

We hope those of you who like a bit of Mac gaming enjoy this latest version of the game. Kudos to our own Andrew Wang for doing all the heavy lifting bringing Bastion to OSX. While we have no other versions of the game slated for the moment, we always appreciate the interest from folks who want to see Bastion for their favorite platforms. To all our new players, we hope you enjoy your adventures in Caelondia, and look forward to hearing your impressions!