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Bastion Soundtrack Live: Build That Wall & Setting Sail, Coming Home

By Greg Kasavin January 03 2012

While most of our team is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bastion’s audio was done all the way over in New York. So it’s always a treat when the rest of us get to see Darren Korb (our audio director and composer) and Logan Cunningham (our voice actor) over on this side. They’ve been in town over the holidays, and same goes for Ashley Barrett, the vocalist behind two of the most popular pieces from the Bastion Original Soundtrack. In fact, Darren and Ashley stopped by today for a little impromptu session right in our studio:

This is the first-ever video of Darren and Ashley playing music from our game live. We thought you’d enjoy seeing this inside look at some of Bastion’s music being performed by the people who created the sound you’ve heard in the game.