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GDC 2010: Wrap-Up

By Supergiant Games March 14 2010

GDC 2010 was our company debut and it went really well. We showed up with nothing but our game in a backpack and some cookies and ended up hitting the front page of Gamasutra, and previewing to lots of really insightful people including business luminaries like David Edery and Kim Pallister. We also got to show some really experienced game developers like Jake Kazdal (Zombie Studios's art director) and Bruce Straley (Uncharted II's game director).

[Not an actual game screen...pictured: Justin Hall, Kim Pallister and Austin Grossman] GDC 2010

Lots of our friends were around to check it out too, like Austin Grossman (Soon I Will Be Invincible) Bernie Yee (Cafe Mom), Amir Rahimi (Instant Action), Jim Vessella & Matt Ott (LucasArts), Darius Kazemi (Orbus Gameworks), John Graham (Wolfire Games), Ramiro Corbetta (Powerhead) and some people we hadn't met until the show like Justin Hall (ngmoco) and Peter Jones from Retro Affect.

We got lots of good feedback on the game and can't wait to show it to everyone!