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Now Available: Bastion for PC on Steam!

By Greg Kasavin August 16 2011

It's our pleasure to announce that Bastion is now available for PC via the Steam Store! We're very excited to bring this great new version of our game to a whole new audience (and to some of you dedicated fans looking to experience Bastion all over again). Visit our Steam page to download the game or the free demo. Bastion for PC will be coming to other digital stores in the coming weeks.

Launch Week Offer: We're offering Bastion for $14.99 in North America, and as a launch week bonus we're also bundling the game plus our highly-acclaimed soundtrack in MP3 format at a discounted price of $19.99. We encourage everyone to play through the game before listening to the soundtrack, as the music is best heard in context first.

Enhanced for PC: Bastion started its life as a PC game, so we hope you'll find it feels home-grown on the platform, thanks to features like native support for stunning 1080p resolution and fully remappable controls. Read our previous post for more details.

And Thanks! Ever since Bastion's launch on the Xbox 360 a few weeks ago, we've been getting some amazing emails from players telling us how strong of an impact the game has left on them. We can only hope this new version will create many, many more such experiences. As ever, thank you all for your support,

- Jen, Gavin, Logan, Andrew, Greg, Amir, and Darren