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Platforms Engineer @ Supergiant

By Supergiant Games June 01 2017

Update: Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in this job. At this time we're no longer seeking new applicants. Should we have any additional job openings in the future, we'll post about it here and via our Twitter.

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We're seeking a programmer to help maintain our studio’s catalogue of released titles across a variety of platforms, and port them to new platforms. The ideal candidate would enjoy working largely independently while still communicating well with the team. Those seeking this position should be motivated by the technical problems inherent in cross-platform engineering and working with existing code bases or emerging platforms.
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  • 2- or 4-year college engineering degree or equivalent work experience
  • Credited on at least one commercial, student, or personal game project from start to finish
  • Fluency in C/C++ or C# and excellent math skills
  • Disposed to communicating with both technical and non-technical collaborators in a team environment
  • Experience certifying and shipping a console or mobile game is a plus
  • Local resident or willing to re-locate to San Francisco area


  • Maintain, fix, and update Bastion, Transistor, Pyre across PC, Mac, Linux, console, and mobile
  • Port games in our catalogue to new or emerging platforms
  • Manage and improve build servers and render farm
  • Proactively assess Quality Assurance and consumer feedback regarding existing releases

What we offer:

  • Work on a small, creative, high-performance team
  • Responsibility and ownership over key systems
  • Competitive compensation and medical benefits, including 401k
  • Opportunity to travel to game conventions and conferences

To apply, please follow these instructions exactly:

  • Send your resume, in the body of an e-mail (no attachments please), with the subject line “Platforms Engineer” to
  • Complete the questionnaire below and include it in the body of the e-mail.


As part of your application, please answer the following questions as though you were responding to a colleague via email. Use your best judgment to answer as completely and concisely as possible. There is no minimum or maximum word count.

  1. Describe the history of your interest in video games.
  2. Why do you want to work at Supergiant Games?
  3. What is a technical feature or project that you are proud to have worked on, and why? What did you contribute to that project? Please describe how it works for a non-technical reader.
  4. Discuss your experience with an existing codebase and how you became familiar with it. Describe a feature or fix that you contributed to the project.
  5. When, if ever, is it appropriate to use a “hack”? Please describe a hack you’ve used and why you chose to use it.

We will reach out to prospective candidates by mid October, 2017.

Note: This is our only available job opportunity at this time.

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