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Saturday 10am PT: Bastion Anniversary Live Stream

By Greg Kasavin July 18 2013

Update: A great big thank-you to everyone who tuned in for our live stream! We ended up playing through the entire game. The recording is archived on our channel page.

* * *

Two years ago on July 20, our first game Bastion launched on Xbox LIVE Arcade. We wouldn't be here right now if not for your support and the game's continued success. So, to mark the occasion, we thought we'd try something new: Starting at 10am Pacific this Saturday, we invite you to join us for our Bastion Anniversary Live Stream! (Follow us on to get a reminder.)

Watch live video from supergiantgames on

During the event, Amir and I will be playing through Bastion live from Supergiant's HQ while providing the weirdest, most interesting developer commentary we can think of. We'll be reminiscing about the making of the game and the choices we made along the way, and no doubt be spilling lots of never-before-heard trivia and incredible useless facts!

Speaking of weird Internet video of Bastion, we've also just posted our policy on Let's Play videos and other video content based on our games. Please read it in full if it applies to you but the short version is, you're welcome to create Let's Play-style videos of our games and monetize them if you want.

Hope you check out our very first live stream. And happy birthday, Bastion!