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Sneak Peek at More Bastion

By Greg Kasavin November 20 2010

We're in the thick of production on the game, building lots of new environments, creatures, weapons, challenges, and stories. Here's a quick glimpse at some of the new encounters we have in store. These are two never-before-released full-HD screenshots taken straight from our custom game engine.

Top Screenshot: If you've been following the game, you've probably seen the Kid pounding away at foes and obstacles alike using the mighty Cael Hammer he once used as a construction tool. The shot on the left is a first look at one of the other melee weapons in the gane, the War Machete. It's much quicker than the hammer and can also be thrown so it doubles as a ranged weapon in a pinch!

Bottom Screenshot: This second shot shows the Sundown Path, one of the more precarious environments early on in the game. You'll have to watch your step throughout Bastion, but even more so than usual in this deceptively pretty-looking locale.

We've got plenty more where these came from. We'll never release screens containing spoilers though we'll be showing you more locations, weapons, and creatures in the months to come.