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Now That Was a PAX

By Greg Kasavin September 9th, 2010

We have returned safely from PAX in Seattle, which was an absolutely awesome event for us. In revealing Bastion in playable form at this show, we wanted to get the game into as many players' hands as possible so that they could experience it for themselves. The response was everything we could have hoped for. We were already fired up to keep pushing forward in the particular direction of our game, and now we're even more excited to build out the rest of it to the level that will live up to players' highest expectations as well as our own. To those of you who played the game at PAX, thank you so much for your vote of confidence. The looks on many of your faces as you played has validated all the work leading up to this point.

The hand-painted artwork, the real-time narration, and the tight responsive feel of the combat stood out to many of you. To get an impression of what the show was like for us, visit our Facebook page and view our PAX 2010 photo gallery. There we have images of players flocking to our booth area as well as some of the special guests who showed up looking to play what we've been working on. We demoed the game for three days straight, and both of our demo stations were full pretty much at all times. For those of you who waited patiently for a chance to play, we hope you enjoyed our delicious home-made Scumbag Cookies (which taste better than they sound).

So thanks again to everyone who made PAX such an outstanding show for us. All of us on team agreed that the show was among the greatest experiences in our professional careers. We're doing more than just hoping that this was a a sign of things to come: We will continue to do our absolute best to make Bastion live up to the potential that so many of you now have seen in it.

In addition to the incredible response we got from players, we were fortunate to receive a good amount of media coverage during the show. What follows is a list of all the coverage we've read – if we missed anybody, please let us know!

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We know PAX was a busy time for the gaming press, so we really appreciate that dozens of outlets took time out to cover the game. To all of you who gave us your time and attention at the show, we hope it was well worth your while.