We have some very exciting news to share: Our next game, Pyre, will launch this summer on July 25, 2017, on PlayStation 4 and Steam!

You can pre-order it right now and get 10% off the $19.99 retail price:

· Pre-order Pyre for Steam (or add it to your wishlist!)
· Pre-order Pyre for PlayStation 4

The game's original soundtrack, featuring more than 90 minutes of music by Darren Korb, our audio director and award-winning composer of Bastion and Transistor, will also be available at launch on Steam and through our web site.

About the Game (With New Details!)

Pyre is a party-based RPG in which you lead a band of exiles to freedom through ancient competitions spread across a vast, mystical purgatory. Who shall return to glory, and who shall remain in exile to the end of their days?

A New World From the Creators of Bastion and Transistor

This is the biggest and most imaginative world yet from us at Supergiant! You'll get to know an ensemble cast of characters struggling to earn back their freedom as you make your way across the forsaken land called the Downside. Characters in Pyre come in all shapes and sizes, from hulking demons grown strong from their struggle to survive, to the winged Harps, who plot against their enemies from their mountain nests. Everyone in Pyre has a unique story behind their exile, and their own reasons for wanting to return.

Action-Packed Three-on-Three Battle System

Central to Pyre is the ancient competition called the Rites. Each Rite plays out like an intense close-quarters mystical battle, where the object is to extinguish your adversary's signal flame before they can do the same to you. You'll have to outsmart and outmaneuver your opponents to succeed -- or you can banish them outright with a powerful aura blast.

You'll be up against a colorful cast of adversaries in pitched, high-stakes confrontations where each victory (or defeat!) brings your exiles closer to enlightenment. Choose three exiles from your party for each Rite, and outfit them with powerful Talismans and Masteries to gain an edge.

A Branching Story with No Game-Over

We wanted to make a game that had plenty of challenge and exciting action, but where the fear and frustration of getting stuck was not a factor. Picking yourself up after being defeated could be part of the journey, rather than something that took place in your head while looking at a Game Over screen. So, one of the unique aspects of Pyre is how you are never forced to lose progress. Whether you prevail or fail, your journey continues. The interactive narrative is expressed through a story that should feel personal to you, and that no two players will experience in quite the same way.

Challenge a Friend in Versus Mode

On top of the single-player campaign, Pyre features a local two-player Versus Mode, which lets you play against a friend (or CPU opponent) in one of the game's fast-paced ritual showdowns. You'll be able to form your triumvirate from more than 20 unique characters you'll meet in the campaign, and customize your Rite in a variety of ways -- configuring your characters' abilities, choosing from a variety of stages each with their own distinct effects on gameplay, and more. We think this adds a great deal of lasting value to the game, and we've been having a great time playing it ourselves, trying out every possible character combination we can think of.

Rich, Atmospheric Presentation

Creating a specific and cohesive-feeling tone and atmosphere for our games is very important to us. From the vibrant hand-painted artwork to the evocative, reactive musical score, every aspect of Pyre's presentation is designed to draw you into its mystical fantasy world.

# # #

For more information, please have a look at our Pyre FAQ. Pyre has been in development for nearly three years. We can now safely say that it's the biggest game we've ever created, offering substantially more ways to play and more characters to meet than either Bastion or Transistor before it. With each new game we've made, we've endeavored to push ourselves out of our creative comfort zone to make something that felt fresh to us, in the belief that this would translate to a worthwhile experience for our players. We cannot wait for you to try it and hear what you think.

We're making our annual trip to Boston this weekend for PAX East, where we'll have Pyre playable on the show floor -- including demos of both the campaign and our recently announced two-player Versus Mode!

About Pyre: Our third game is a party-based RPG where you lead your band of exiles to freedom through a series of mystical competitions. Pyre should be available later this year for PlayStation 4 and Steam (you can add it to your Steam wishlist now if you like!). We haven't yet announced a specific launch date, though watch this space or follow @SupergiantGames for the latest news.

Development Update - Getting Warmer! It was at PAX East almost a year ago that we first showed Pyre to the world, so it's great to be back! The game's come a long way since we first revealed it, and we're now fast approaching an important internal milestone where all the game's features and content are designed and implemented in some form.

From there, we've still got a lot to do, polishing and optimizing and refining everything -- though the finish line is in sight! For many developers, the final stages of development can be some of the most vital, and that's certainly been true for us and our first two games. It's also a phase of development where we as a team are in our comfort zone. As exciting as it is dreaming up our games in the first place, the process of finishing really keeps us focused.

We've been able to play through Pyre's campaign from beginning to end since the fall of last year. Since then, our focus has been on building out the story and characters and every aspect of the world and presentation to get it closer to the final level of quality we're aiming for. We can hardly wait for you to meet our new game's big cast of characters and explore the sights and sounds of its mystical world! We'll have more to say about Pyre in the months and weeks leading up to its launch, so stay tuned.

Well here we are in the final days of 2016, catching our breath after what's been an action-packed year! We wanted to take a moment both to look back at the year gone by, and look forward to the times ahead. We're struck, as ever, by how deeply fortunate we are to have you as our players. Thanks to you, our small team's been able to stick together and keep doing what we love. Being able to operate as a small, independent studio and make games our way is an immense privilege, and we look forward to sharing the results of our efforts with you in the coming year, when we expect to launch our third game, Pyre. Until then, we wanted to briefly recap the latest news with us, and the year gone by.

Latest Happenings: It's the holidays, so our games and merchandise are on sale if you or someone you know is interested in picking them up!

· Get Transistor for PC/Mac/Linux for just $3.99 in the Steam Winter Sale.

· Get Bastion for PC/Mac/Linux for just $2.99 in the Steam Winter Sale.

· Get Transistor for iPhone/iPad/AppleTV for just $1.99 through the holidays.

· Get Bastion for iPhone/iPad for just $0.99 through the holidays.

· Get Bastion for Xbox One, free this month if you own the Xbox 360 original.

· Get the new Bastion Anniversary T-shirt and more in our online store.

* * *

Year in Review: Behind the scenes, our focus this year has been our third game, Pyre. But we did a bunch of other stuff, too!

January: Transistor Collectible Figure revealed, our fastest-selling item ever
March: Transistor Original Soundtrack released on vinyl
April: Pyre, our third game, first unveiled!
July: Bastion turns 5 years old
November: Bastion announced for Xbox One
December: Pyre's Versus Mode revealed, Bastion launches on Xbox One

* * *

On top of that, we brought our games to more events than ever before, notably including PAX East, PAX West, RTX, Day of the Devs, and the PlayStation Experience. We always enjoy these chances to meet you in person, let you get your hands on our games, and see what you think.

Now, with 2017 fast approaching, our goal for the coming year is simple: to make Pyre the best game it can be, one that sparks your imagination, and more than lives up to what you've come to expect from us.

Until then, we wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season.

Bastion is now available for Xbox One!

To recap the big stuff from our November announcement:

Bastion is an original action RPG set in a lush imaginative world, in which players must create and fight for civilization’s last refuge as a mysterious narrator marks their every move. We released the first version a little over five years ago, as part of the Xbox 360's Summer of Arcade showcase. The game went on to earn more than 100 industry awards and accolades, sell close to 4 million copies to date across different platforms, and in general exceed all our wildest expectations. Now, it's available on Xbox One!

Quick Facts about Bastion for Xbox One:

  • It's free for a limited time if you own Bastion for Xbox 360!
    If you already own Bastion for the Xbox 360, you'll be able to download Bastion for Xbox One for free till January 1, 2017. We really appreciate your support of our first game and hope you enjoy it all over again!

    Otherwise, Bastion for Xbox One retails for $14.99.
  • It's a faithful adaptation of the original game.
    Bringing Bastion to Xbox One was more involved than flipping a switch that says 'make it backwards compatible'! The game has been re-built to feel native to the platform.

    The main differences compared with the Xbox 360 original are that the game runs in full 1080p (versus 720p in the original), and there are more Achievements to unlock. It also includes the Stranger's Dream DLC, which wasn't available at the game's launch.

We're very grateful to a number of folks in a number of places who helped make Bastion for Xbox One a reality:

To the team at Warner Bros., our publishing partners on Bastion who've supported the game along with us all these years, thank you!!

To the team at Barcelona-based BlitWorks, who've shouldered the task of bringing every pixel and more over to the Xbox One hardware, thank you!!

To Xbox fans around the world, and the Xbox team at Microsoft, thank you!!

And, of course, we remain ever grateful to all of you out there who love and remember Bastion, because it's thanks to you that we get to stick together as a team and keep making games day to day.

When we first revealed Pyre earlier this year, we got a great response to the game's mystical purgatory setting, and its distinct blend of party-based RPG exploration and competitive action. We showed you a glimpse of the game's ensemble cast, and the ancient competition called the Rites, in which exiles battle to re-gain their freedom. Through it all, one exciting question kept coming up again and again: Is Pyre going to have multiplayer?

Today we can confirm that the answer is a resounding YES. We're proud to present our first-ever multiplayer offering in Pyre's head-to-head Versus Mode, where you can challenge a friend in one of the game's fast-paced ritual showdowns. Our new trailer offers a glimpse of the action in store:

We love playing this game against one another at our studio, so we cannot wait to see what you think you think of it!

Pyre Multiplayer FAQ
While we have you on the line, we wanted to address some of your questions about this part of the game:

Q: Wait, you're making a multiplayer game?!
A: Pyre is a party-based RPG that will have a two-player head-to-head Versus Mode in it, in addition to the single-player campaign. Think of the multiplayer as a bonus on top of the single-player.

Our focus during development has first and foremost been the single-player campaign experience, and creating the ensemble cast of characters of all shapes and sizes whom you'll get to know during your journey. Multiplayer was something we also thought had a lot of potential, but was something we were only going to pursue if we felt we could pull it off without compromising on our ambitions for the single-player. We had to get to this point in development to make sure of that.

The Spring of Jomuer is one of the many celestial landmarks in which the Rites take place.

Some of our team's all-time favorite games include old classics like Command & Conquer and Star Control II, which offered unforgettable single-player experiences along with multiplayer offerings that kept us playing for months or even longer once we finished the story (likely several times). Those and many other games set a very high bar for us with Pyre -- we want to create a world and cast you'll fall in love with, then be able to enjoy indefinitely in Versus Mode.

Q: What is the object of the game in Versus Mode?
The ritual competitions in Pyre play out like a one-on-one competitive action game. The object is to extinguish your opponent's ceremonial flame, by grasping an object called the Celestial Orb then diving into the flames with it, or simply throwing it in.

You have at your disposal three different exiles, though just one is permitted to move any given time (you can switch control between them instantly). You can slip past your opponents by sprinting or leaping over them. You also have a defensive aura that banishes your foes on contact, or can be cast like a projectile attack. Each of the different characters has his or her own unique attributes and special abilities. Which characters you bring into the field, along with the variety of unique environments, make it so no two Rites play out the same way.

Q: Can you play online or is it only local multiplayer?
A: Our Versus Mode pits you and your opponent against each other on the same system in local head-to-head competition. This arcade-style experience is well suited to Pyre's gameplay, and ever since Bastion we've wanted to make a game you could play with a friend in the same space.

As for online, we haven't made a decision yet on whether online play makes sense given everything else we're doing on Pyre with our small team. We think bad online multiplayer is worse for a game than no online multiplayer, and we promise to do what's best for the game as a whole.

Q: Will I be able to play Versus Mode single-player against the computer?
A: Yes! We plan to support that.

Q: How many different characters and stages will there be?
A: We're not saying just yet. Though, one of the single most exciting aspects of the game to us is the variety of characters and environments we have planned. As part of this announcement, we're revealing a new stage for the very first time -- the spectacular Spring of Jomuer -- along with several never-before-seen characters. We're letting folks get their hands on the Versus Mode for the first time at the PlayStation Experience event in Anaheim, where the setup is essentially a mirror-match -- but in the full game, you'll be able to choose from many different characters, each with their own distinct strengths.

Q: Did you say new characters?!
A: Indeed! Previously we revealed Hedwyn, a cool and collected young man; Jodariel, a stern and imposing demon; and Rukey, an easy-going doglike creature insecure about his mustache. In the campaign, you'll work together with them as part of a legendary band of exiles called the Nightwings. At the PlayStation Experience, we're revealing another of these so-called triumvirates, the Beyonders, along with several hardened exiles you'll get to know in the campaign: Barker, the degenerate hell-hound; Ignarius, a notorious demon; and Sandra the Unseeing, for whom a life sentence in exile has its own special meaning. We look forward to showing many more characters closer to the game's launch sometime in 2017.

Q: I have more questions!
A: Great! Send them along with any impressions to @SupergiantGames. We'd love to hear from you.

And thanks for reading! We're in the thick of development on Pyre and well on track toward our planned launch sometime in 2017.