A little over five years ago, our first game Bastion launched in the Xbox 360's Summer of Arcade showcase, and went on to earn more than 100 industry awards and accolades, sell close to 4 million copies to date across different platforms, and in general exceed all our wildest expectations.

So, we're pleased to announce that next month, on December 12, the game is finally returning to Xbox in a faithful new adaptation for Xbox One! Quick facts about Bastion for Xbox One:

  • It's free for a limited time if you own Bastion for Xbox 360!
    If you already own Bastion for the Xbox 360, you'll be able to download Bastion for Xbox One for free till January 1, 2017. We really appreciate your support of our first game and hope you enjoy it all over again!

    Otherwise, Bastion for Xbox One retails for $14.99.

  • It's a faithful adaptation of the original game.
    Bringing Bastion to Xbox One was more involved than flipping a switch that says 'make it backwards compatible'! The game has been re-built to feel native to the platform.

    The main differences compared with the Xbox 360 original are that the game runs in full 1080p (versus 720p in the original), and there are more Achievements to unlock. It also includes the Stranger's Dream DLC, which wasn't available at the game's launch.

Also: Introducing the Bastion Anniversary T-Shirt!
To commemorate this launch and Bastion's fifth anniversary, we're pleased to present our first original Bastion T-shirt design since the game's 2011 debut:

The Bastion Anniversary T-Shirt. Design by Nina Matsumoto.

This unique three-color design by artist Nina Matsumoto is screen-printed on a 100% cotton, sand-colored Next Level Apparel tee by Forward Printing in Oakland, CA. You can pre-order it now for $19.99. We'll ship it straight from our HQ in time for the holidays.

Parting Words
We're very grateful to a number of folks in a number of places who helped make Bastion for Xbox One a reality:

To the team at Warner Bros., our publishing partners on Bastion who've supported the game along with us all these years, thank you!!

To the team at Barcelona-based BlitWorks, who've shouldered the task of bringing every pixel and more over to the Xbox One hardware, thank you!!

To Xbox fans around the world, and the Xbox team at Microsoft, thank you!!

And, of course, we remain ever grateful to all of you out there who love and remember Bastion, because it's thanks to you that we get to stick together as a team and keep making games day to day.

July 20 2016

Bastion Turns 5

Our first game, Bastion, launched on this day five years ago.

Thank you for making it such a success, so we could carry on as a team.

Happy Birthday, Kid!

We are back from a glorious trip to PAX East, where we showed our next game Pyre for the very first time! We're now back and excited to keep forging ahead on this next project, BUT FIRST! A recap of the show.

Supergiant @ PAX East in Photos: Our whole team was on hand to meet with hundreds of people each day who queued up to play the game. Have a look the photo gallery of our trip!

Nothing like watching hundreds of people play our game for the first time!

Media Impressions of Pyre: Check out a wide variety of hands-on previews and interviews about the game, as well as direct-feed gameplay footage of what we showed!

"I was totally sold on its weird, beautiful, original world." -- IGN.com

"In Pyre, your friends are your power, and it's your responsibility to cultivate that." -- GameSpot.com

"Pyre is a strange, beautiful, magical creation." -- Polygon.com

"Pyre may not be what you were expecting, unless you merely expect Supergiant to be creatively bold." -- Kotaku.com

Video: 'Ave a Gander at Pyre -- TotalBiscuit (also: uncommented gameplay)

"Beyond its thematic consistency and innovative genre-splicing, Pyre is just plain enjoyable." -- Eurogamer.net

"...like The Oregon Trail meets Rocket League." -- PCGamer.com

"Pyre looks to have all the potential of all of Supergiant’s previous games and then some." -- EGMNow

"The brief glimpse of the game offered at PAX East has already generated a huge wave of excitement." -- Wikia.com

"...it's a gorgeous blend of styles." -- ZAM.com

"...it’s a joy to report that Pyre appears to be yet another wonderful experience from Supergiant Games." -- Hardcore Gamer

"Supergiant Games has something special in store for us all in 2017." -- ActionTrip.com

"At the end of the demo, I didn’t want to leave the booth. I wanted to wait in line and play it again." -- Tom's Hardware

"My time with Pyre left me wanting more." -- The Outerhaven (plus interview)

"...the game sucked me into its world effortlessly." -- Irrational Passions

"...the game truly captivated us." -- Push Square

"...the game just clicked with me." -- SideQuesting.com

"...the writing was immediately engaging and fun." -- MMORPG.com

"With their third game, they are not missing a single beat." -- Black Girl Nerds

"Pyre is quickly shaping up to be another indie-legend for Supergiant." -- Skewed & Reviewed

"Pyre is a stunning game with very interesting potential." -- Blogcritics

"Pyre continues the studio's tradition of creating gorgeous, magical worlds." -- Hooked Gamers

"I had a great time with Pyre and I’m looking forward to seeing where Supergiant takes it." -- Blackman 'n Robin

"It’s incredible that Supergiant is able to do so much with so little." -- GameCrate

Video: Favorite Game from PAX! -- Starsnipe

Video Interview -- ReedPOP

Video Interview -- GameEnthus

Audio Interview: Supergiant Co-Founder Gavin Simon -- Just Press Start

* * *

Did we miss anyone? Let us know on Twitter! This was our sixth consecutive PAX East. One of the great things about the show is seeing some of the same folks there year after year. For those who couldn't join us in person, we hope this recap serves as a bit of a substitute! Until next time, we'll be hunkering down, looking to make Pyre live up to the promise so many of you out there see in it. Thank you again for all your support!

We're incredibly excited to announce Pyre, a new party-based role-playing game we're making here at Supergiant. Check out the first trailer:

Play it at PAX: We're bringing Pyre with us to PAX East this week! If you're coming to the show, visit us at booth #8212 and let us know what you think!

Prevail in the Rites, and be free again.

About the Game: In Pyre, you lead a band of exiles through an ancient competition spread across a vast, mystical purgatory.

Pyre once again showcases our team's commitment to rich atmospheric presentation and storytelling, along with a distinctive gameplay blend that combines expressive decision-making on the world map with fast, action-packed confrontations against rival groups of exiles whose own freedom is at stake. We want to create a large cast of characters you can grow close to as you travel together across a strange and wondrous land.

The journey to the Downside is thought to be a one-way trip.

The Story So Far: At the beginning of the game, your luck has almost run out when several masked wanderers find you and revive you from the brink. With your help, they seek to learn the truth about the Rites, a secretive competition through which the worthiest exiles can return home, absolved of their transgressions. As you journey across the Downside in the wanderers' custom blackwagon, you'll meet a variety of characters of all shapes and sizes, and learn what's in store for each of them should they prevail in the Rites. Your actions will determine who returns to glory, and who remains in exile to the end of their days.

The blackwagon serves as your makeshift home.

Platforms and Availability: Pyre will be available in 2017. Like Transistor, it will launch simultaneously on Steam and the PlayStation 4.

Three exiles must act as of one mind during the Rites.

Until Next Time! Though Pyre won't be available until next year, here are some things you can do right now:

We hope you'll see why we think Pyre is special, and your support means everything to us as we push forward!

The Transistor Original Soundtrack is now available on vinyl! Get it here.

Transistor Original Soundtrack 2x LP

This deluxe double LP set features the new single She Shines, along with all the other tracks from the award-winning original soundtrack by our composer and audio director Darren Korb and vocalist Ashley Barrett. (If you picked up previous versions of the soundtrack from our online store, Bandcamp, or Steam, you'll be getting a digital copy of She Shines as a free update today!)

Listen to the updated track list of the Transistor OST on vinyl.

Each record comes with a special download code for a digital version of the vinyl track list. With your purchase, you'll also receive a complimentary digital download code for the Extended version of the soundtrack.

This new album comes in a glossy old-style gatefold jacket featuring artwork by Jen Zee and song lyrics by Darren Korb. Each record is pressed on 180 gram milky clear vinyl. We collaborated with Pirates Press to create this set and couldn't be happier with how it all turned out. There's something special about hearing this music on vinyl, as it fits the feel of the world of Transistor better than any other format.

We've always wanted to put one of our game soundtracks on vinyl! If you've been one of the many who've voiced your interest and support for this over the years, we hope you'll find it was well worth the wait.

* * *

We'd also like to take a moment to welcome Mr. John-Paul Gabler to our team! JP's been the mastermind behind our online store for some time, and was instrumental in the production of this new album among many other things we've somehow pulled off since he joined! You can learn a bit more about JP and all of us at Supergiant on our seldom-updated team page.