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Bastion: Coming Soon to Xbox One!

By Supergiant Games November 3rd, 2016

A little over five years ago, our first game Bastion launched in the Xbox 360's Summer of Arcade showcase, and went on to earn more than 100 industry awards and accolades, sell close to 4 million copies to date across different platforms, and in general exceed all our wildest expectations.

So, we're pleased to announce that next month, on December 12, the game is finally returning to Xbox in a faithful new adaptation for Xbox One! Quick facts about Bastion for Xbox One:

  • It's free for a limited time if you own Bastion for Xbox 360!
    If you already own Bastion for the Xbox 360, you'll be able to download Bastion for Xbox One for free till January 1, 2017. We really appreciate your support of our first game and hope you enjoy it all over again!

    Otherwise, Bastion for Xbox One retails for $14.99.

  • It's a faithful adaptation of the original game.
    Bringing Bastion to Xbox One was more involved than flipping a switch that says 'make it backwards compatible'! The game has been re-built to feel native to the platform.

    The main differences compared with the Xbox 360 original are that the game runs in full 1080p (versus 720p in the original), and there are more Achievements to unlock. It also includes the Stranger's Dream DLC, which wasn't available at the game's launch.

Also: Introducing the Bastion Anniversary T-Shirt!
To commemorate this launch and Bastion's fifth anniversary, we're pleased to present our first original Bastion T-shirt design since the game's 2011 debut:

The Bastion Anniversary T-Shirt. Design by Nina Matsumoto.

This unique three-color design by artist Nina Matsumoto is screen-printed on a 100% cotton, sand-colored Next Level Apparel tee by Forward Printing in Oakland, CA. You can pre-order it now for $19.99. We'll ship it straight from our HQ in time for the holidays.

Parting Words
We're very grateful to a number of folks in a number of places who helped make Bastion for Xbox One a reality:

To the team at Warner Bros., our publishing partners on Bastion who've supported the game along with us all these years, thank you!!

To the team at Barcelona-based BlitWorks, who've shouldered the task of bringing every pixel and more over to the Xbox One hardware, thank you!!

To Xbox fans around the world, and the Xbox team at Microsoft, thank you!!

And, of course, we remain ever grateful to all of you out there who love and remember Bastion, because it's thanks to you that we get to stick together as a team and keep making games day to day.