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Please read the following, and if it doesn't help, fill in the fields at right to contact our team. For quick questions and comments, you may also contact @SupergiantGames on Twitter.

Hades II: Our first-ever sequel is in development! Please read the full FAQ for what questions we can answer now about the game.

Technical Support: We have a self-service Knowledge Base with solutions to most types of issues reported by players. If you don't find a solution there, when emailing, please include any relevant info about your system.

Video, Music, and Streaming: We have a Policy on Let's Play Videos that should answer most questions about using gameplay footage or music from our games in videos or streams.

Fan Merchandise: We have a Policy on Fan Merchandise that should answer most questions.

Career Opportunities: We sometimes get questions about job opportunities or internships. At the moment we aren't seeking to expand our team. We'll update this space if that changes.