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Brace for the Long Winter Update!

By Supergiant Games January 21st, 2020

Our god-like rogue-like dungeon crawler, Hades, is ringing in the new year with its ninth Major Update since launching in Early Access more than a year ago!

The Long Winter Update introduces one of the eldest and most powerful Olympians, as well as a couple of big, new surprises, tons of new story events, new upgrades, new artwork... let's get to the highlights, already!

  • Meet Demeter, Goddess of Seasons, who joins the Olympian fray, granting her powers over desolation and cold

  • Unlock the Rod of Fishing, and capture all sorts of foul river-dwelling denizens of the Underworld

  • Discover the Eternal Spear's fated Aspect of Guan Yu, revealing more of the secrets of your legendary weapons

  • Underworld Renovations Galore! The new and improved House Contractor has scores of new decorations available

  • New Daedalus Hammer Upgrades, Story Events, Improved Boon Info Screen, and more!

Hades already offers dozens or even hundreds of hours of kinetic action and seemingly never-ending story featuring dozens of colorful, fully voiced characters, and the rich worldbuilding Supergiant is known for. With the Long Winter Update, many more story details finally come to light, even as the breadth of activities in the game continues to expand. Hades is slated to exit Early Access sometime later this year. For now, you can play it in Early Access on Steam or the Epic Games Store! Full patch notes are available here on our web site, in the game client, and our official Discord, where we invite you to join a welcoming, international community of Hades players and Supergiant fans. And, of course, in dramatic-reading format, courtesy of our disembodied storyteller:

We hope you enjoy The Long Winter Update, and wish you good luck getting out of hell!