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Career Opportunity: Gameplay Engineer

By Supergiant Games October 20th, 2022

Update: Applications for this position are now closed. Thank you to all those who applied!

We are seeking an experienced Gameplay Engineer to implement, improve, and maintain gameplay features and systems in our next title, Hades II. Our ideal candidate has a deep knowledge of video games including ours, and expert understanding of multiple code design patterns and how to apply them to game features, based on having implemented gameplay systems on a number of shipped titles. The candidate has a strong ability to read and understand feature specs from the design team, while making reasonable assumptions in cases where not all details are provided, and having good instincts to ask for clarification when necessary.

This is a full-time position that can either be remote or based in our San Francisco studio. At least four of the candidate's daily core work hours must overlap with 9am to 6pm in the Pacific time zone.

Job Responsibilites

  • Work closely with our content team, including our designers and artists, to implement new systems and features

  • Iterate on and add content to existing systems

  • Reinforce a high standard for cleanly implementing systems and content using our engine, tools, and scripting language

  • Work closely with our QA team to track down and fix bugs found in game systems and content

  • Work closely with the rest of our engineering team to identify and test new tools and engine capabilities

About the Candidate

  • 2- or 4-year college degree or equivalent work experience

  • Credit on at least one shipped commercial, student, or personal game project from start to finish

  • Fluent in C++, C#, or similar game programming language

  • Fluent in Lua or similar game scripting language

  • Fluent in XML, JSON, or similar data file format

  • Worked with at least one major game engine such as Unreal, Unity, GameMaker, or any large proprietary engine

  • Strong interpersonal and written communication skills, and comfortable working in a small, collaborative team environment

  • Organized, responsible, and able to work autonomously

  • Extensive knowledge of and experience playing games, new and old, low and big budget, across a variety of genres

  • Experienced playing Hades and familiar with our other titles


We are open to a range of experience for this position and will offer commensurate compensation. For those earlier in their careers at the Associate level (~2 years directly relevant experience), we offer a base salary of $100,000; while for those at Senior level (~7 years directly relevant experience), we offer a base salary of $160,000, with the range applying to experience levels in between. The candidate will also be eligible for an annual discretionary bonus. Our expectation is that more experienced candidates would be able to operate more efficiently and independently, have extensive knowledge of design patterns, and experience implementing and maintaining a wide variety of game features. We also offer benefits such as 401(k) and health insurance though some aspects may vary based on standards in the candidate's location.