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New Hades Merch & Changes to Our Store!

By Supergiant Games July 19th, 2022

Update Oct 13, 2022: The Hades Merchandise Collection is now available! Items based on our past titles are also now available!

We're thrilled to announce that we've joined forces with Fangamer to bring you a new line of official Hades merchandise, ranging from plushies to pins, and from artwork to apparel!

Like all the merchandise we've offered in the past, these items were designed in close collaboration with our team. And, Fangamer has years of experience delivering great game-inspired merchandise to customers around the world, so these items will be easier to get a hold of than items we've offered in the past. This partnership means we'll no longer be fulfilling merchandise directly, and we have Q&As about what that means later in this post. But first, let's look at just some of the new items available right now!

Cerberus Plush

This notorious hound of hell is somewhat smaller than the real thing, measuring about 12" long from heads to tail. For maximum softness, the monstrous creature is filled with polyester cloud stuffing and covered in baby minky material. Designed by Nina Matsumoto and prototyped by Eyes5. (get it here)

Underworld Triptych Print Set

Bask in the dark beauty of the Underworld of Hades in this stunning set of three original full-color art prints by the game's environment artist Joanne Tran and art director Jen Zee. Each piece in this run of 1000 measures 18" by 24" and is printed using the highest quality inks and materials. Perfect for framing, and designed to be displayed together. (get it here)

Dusa Talking Plush

This plush of everyone's favorite House of Hades custodian / floating gorgon head is about 10" tall, wields a felt feather duster, and features a squeeze-activated voice box that emits one of dozens of generally anxious voice lines. Powered by three replaceable AAA batteries, included. (get it here)

First of the Furies Long-sleeve Shirt

Now you can always go the painful way in this long-sleeved shirt by Nina Matsumoto. The original design is printed on the chest and both sleeves by Forward, on the 100% cotton PC61LS from Port & Company. (get it here)

...And More!

Browse the full catalog for enamel pins, the original soundtrack CD, T-shirts, and more -- and stay tuned, because we expect to have new items available down the line!

Supergiant Store Q&A

While we have lots of exciting new merchandise now available, we are discontinuing service from our home-grown online merchandise shop at Here are answers to questions you may have:

Q: Why have you closed your online shop at A: We've always wanted to create great merchandise for our games, and since 2011, we've shipped that merchandise directly from our San Francisco HQ to customers around the world. However, the success of Hades plus many logistical challenges introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic meant we have struggled to meet the demand from our customers. As a small independent game studio, it's never been our ambition to grow to become a major online retailer -- but we still really want to offer official merchandise, ideally even more than before! We love designing physical items based on our games, and it's always been a refreshing creative challenge. Knowing there are teams that are better equipped to produce and distribute merchandise, we wanted to find great partners to work with who can help us play to our strengths. So, moving forward, our official merchandise will be available directly through reputable, trusted partners including Fangamer, Good Smile Company, and iam8bit. Note we plan to continue to use the domain to point to merchandise offerings from our partners.

Q: When and where will Hades merchandise be available? A: On July 26, 2022, Fangamer launched our official Hades merchandise collection, featuring a variety of all-new items as well as items we've offered in the past. Other official merchandise is in development from Good Smile Company, including Nendoroid Zagreus, Thanatos, and Megaera. We've been fans of these teams for years, and very excited to be working with them.

Q: When will merchandise from your past titles be available again? A: We've worked with Fangamer to bring over select items of our past merchandise based on Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre, which are available now in the Supergiant Games Collection!

Q: How can I find out about any new Supergiant merchandise? A: Sign up for our email newsletter, follow us on Twitter, or join our Discord community to stay informed about any new merchandise or other announcements from us. You may also visit, where we plan to point to merchandise offerings from our partners offering official merchandise.

Q: Does Fangamer ship to customers around the world? A: Yes indeed! Not only does Fangamer ship worldwide from North America, some of the merchandise will also be available to order from their European and Japanese locations.

Q: Will you be reissuing vinyl records for Hades or other soundtracks? A: We are working on this! We will announce any reissues via our Twitter and our newsletter -- please sign up for our newsletter if you'd like to be notified about new merchandise.

To all our online store customers, thank you for all your patience and support over the years, and it's been our pleasure. We're really looking forward to this next chapter, as it will mean we can deliver more kinds of merchandise based on our games, and faster than before.