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HADES: Coming to iOS via Netflix Games!

By Supergiant Games November 12th, 2023

We're excited to announce that our Game of the Year-winning roguelike dungeon crawler Hades is coming to iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad, courtesy of Netflix Games! Revealed today at Netflix's Geeked Week '23, this is a faithful translation of our game, featuring all the responsive action and surprises available on other platforms. Read on for answers to some questions you might have about this latest version!

When can I play Hades on iOS?

Hades on iOS will be available sometime in 2024. We'll have more details closer to launch.

What's Netflix Games?

We all know Netflix as a premier streaming video service. On top of that, your standard subscription also includes a variety of excellent games you can download and play right now on compatible devices, at no additional charge! We were drawn to the opportunity to introduce Netflix's audience to our game, and look forward to hearing from our players there.

How can I play Hades on iOS once it's available?

All you need is a compatible iOS device and a standard subscription to Netflix! While signed in to the Netflix app on your device, simply navigate to the games row and look for Hades there! Then you can download the game and play all you like.

Hades should run great on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 16 or later. We will have the full requirements closer to launch.

Will I be able to purchase Hades for iOS separately?

Hades for iOS will be available exclusively through Netflix Games for the foreseeable future.

What control settings are in Hades on iOS?

Hades on iOS features fully customizable touch controls designed for this version of the game. You can also wirelessly connect a Bluetooth controller to your device for more of a console-style experience!

Who is the developer of Hades on iOS?

We have been closely collaborating with the talented team at Secret 6 on this version of the game!

Does Hades on iOS support Cloud Saves and Achievements?

Yes and yes. Please note, however, that due to a variety of technical constraints, automatic save transfers (i.e., cross-saves) with any existing version of Hades are not supported.

Is Hades also coming to Android devices?

We appreciate the interest though we have no plans for additional versions of Hades at this time.

Having brought our prior titles Bastion and Transistor to iOS devices, we're excited that Hades will be joining them there soon!