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Dive Into the Blood Price Update!

By Supergiant Games June 23rd, 2020

Our god-like rogue-like dungeon crawler, Hades, just got a big shot in the arm with our eleventh Major Update -- our last one before our v1.0 Launch later this year! The Blood Price Update packs more of just about everything: foes, chambers, Boons, upgrades, Weapon Aspects, items, House decorations, story, music, and on, and on! Here are the highlights:

  • The Stygian Boatman, Charon, is finally unmasked, and has new inventory in stock in his shops & Wells (plus a surprise or two)!

  • Discover three new Legendary Weapon Aspects, including the Shield's Aspect of Beowulf and the Bow's Aspect of Rama!

  • Get new Boons from each Olympian, including Duo Boons for every pairing, plus new Daedalus Hammer upgrades for each weapon!

  • Take on new foes, mini-bosses, even a hidden boss! Beware the Wretched Sneak, Doomstone, Dracon, and other dangers.

  • We've also added more story than any other update, with more than 3,500 new voice lines, and new events for almost every character!

See it in action:

This update also features a huge amount of new-and-improved art and audio, not to mention a totally revamped code base that should make the game run even faster and smoother for many players. You'll be able to get closer than ever to the game's big cast of characters as you gear up for the true ending, coming in our v1.0 Launch.

Full patch notes are available here on our web site, in the game client, and our official Discord, where you can join a welcoming community of Hades players and Supergiant fans. Or, if you prefer a 28-minute dramatic-reading format, courtesy of our disembodied storyteller, we have that for you as well:

We hope you have a great time with this latest Major Update!

Hades Development Roadmap Update - June 2020

You can always see our latest Development Roadmap right in the game client. We wanted to share highlights from our latest update here:

In our third and latest Major Update this year, we made big, important under-the-hood changes to our code base, improving performance and multiplatform capability. We also added new content pretty much across the board.

What's Next: Our next big step is to exit Early Access for the v1.0 Launch of Hades, coming later this year! It will include the true ending of the story, plus many additional finishing touches. Release Date & Platforms: As of this writing, we don't yet have a more-specific date for our v1.0 Launch, other than 'later this year'. We also can't yet confirm any additional platforms. Thank you for your patience, and check here or social media for the latest news. High Priority Tasks: These are the big-ticket items we have to take care of before we can exit Early Access for our v1.0 Launch:

  • Game Ending: Though we wish to keep the details a secret, we're continuing to work on content for the game's true ending.

  • Polishing & Content Completion: We have some other additional content pieces in the works, plus final fixes and improvements.

  • Multiplatform Development: Each platform we support requires special care and attention, both in features and optimizations.

  • Localization: We're working with professional and community translators to ensure the game is fully translated for our v1.0 Launch.

Hades has now been in the works for about three years. The very first decision we made on the project was to make it an Early Access game, something we could build in partnership with our community. We also wanted to prove that Early Access development could be compatible with our approach to making games. We couldn't be happier with how the experiment has gone. Your feedback has made this game so much better than we could have on our own, so keep telling us what you think. Onward to our v1.0 Launch!