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Hit Up the Nighty Night Update!

By Supergiant Games March 10th, 2020

Our god-like rogue-like dungeon crawler, Hades, is bigger and better than ever with the advent of our tenth Major Update! The Nighty Night Update lets you get your mitts on a fierce new weapon, customize your playstyle with all-new Talents, and delve even deeper into the story. Here are the highlights:

  • Harness the Twin Fists of Malphon, and pulverize your foes with fists of fury! Features three unique Aspects to unlock!

  • Choose from all-new Mirror of Night Talents, opening up completely new playstyles and powerful builds!

  • Discover the Stygian Blade's legendary Aspect of Arthur, & defend yourself with its holy might!

  • Break into the Admin Chamber in the House of Hades, & have a look at your Permanent Record!

  • New chambers, story events, artwork, and much, much more!

See it in action:

This update also introduces a slew of graphical enhancements, improving the clarity of the action without sacrificing the spectacular look. Plus, you can learn more about Nyx, incarnate of night, and her vital role in the Underworld, and deepen your relationships with characters such as Orpheus, Artemis, and Zeus.

Full patch notes are available here on our web site, in the game client, and our official Discord, where you can join a welcoming community of Hades players and Supergiant fans.

Hades Development Roadmap Update - March 2020

You can always see our latest Development Roadmap right in the game client. We wanted to share highlights from our latest update here:

Having launched the Nighty Night Update, our next Major Update is slated for June. This is a longer wait than our previous updates, and for the first time, we are not prepared to commit to a specific launch date (yet). The reason is, we need this time to complete a significant technical update to our code base, which will yield two benefits:

  • Multiplatform Capability: Our updated code base will let us bring Hades to additional platforms, which has always been one of our goals (We expect to bring Hades to other platforms once our Early Access is complete sometime this year; we haven't decided on all those platforms just yet)

  • Improved Performance: Our updated code base should make Hades run better on more system configurations

These benefits are important to the future of this game, even if they do not have an immediate, visible impact for all our Early Access players. We really appreciate your patience and understanding as we execute this significant bit of under-the-hood work.

Technical Beta: Prior to the official launch of our next Major Update in June, we are planning to have a technical beta for our updated code base. Details to come via Twitter, Discord, and Steam.

June Update Preview: While our engineering team will be busy with our code base, our content team will be busy polishing many aspects of the game, and creating new Boons, Well of Charon items, Weapon Aspects, story content, music, and more. So, while our next Major Update may not be loaded with tons of new features, it should still be content-rich, while putting us in a good spot for continued development.

Release Date & Platforms: The launch date and platforms for v1.0 of Hades are still to be determined. However, we can safely say our next Major Update, slated for June 2020, will not be the last between now and our v1.0 later this year (when we exit Early Access).

Until next time, thank you for playing, and good luck getting out of hell!