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Hades: Steam Deck Verified!

By Supergiant Games February 25th, 2022

We recently got our hands on the Steam Deck, Valve's new handheld gaming PC, and worked to ensure playing Hades on it felt as smooth and seamless as possible. Here's a brief video of our audio director Darren Korb giving the game and system a try:

Hades has been certified as Deck Verified, so you can expect it to work great on the platform. Note that, when starting the game on Steam Deck, we recommend using the Vulkan rendering option for optimal performance.

As for our past titles, Transistor is also Verified, while Bastion currently is certified 'Playable', which is one step short of 'Verified' status and means it may require some settings adjustments to work optimally on the platform. Pyre has not yet been reviewed by Valve.

We've been excited to experience Hades and our past games in this new format! If you get a chance to pick up a Steam Deck, we hope you enjoy playing our games on it.