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Hades: Latest Updates

By Supergiant Games September 17th, 2020

Note: 📢 indicates a change inspired by community feedback! Our latest patch notes are below:

Patch 048: The v1.0 LAUNCH Update - September 17, 2020

At long last, our v1.0 Launch has arrived!! The true ending awaits, along with much, much more. This marks the conclusion of our development in Early Access, though we will be monitoring this launch closely and patching any issues that arise. To all of you who joined us during development, thank you!


The True Ending: discover what awaits Prince Zagreus at the end of his journey
New Hidden Aspect: harness the unsurpassed fury of the Twin Fists in the aspect of an ancient god-king
Extremer Measures: can you withstand the full unbridled power of the Final Boss?
New Late-Game Unlockables: assert your status with new decorative themes and prestigious badges
New Keepsakes: get not one but two powerful, new Keepsakes... but from whom?
New Music: listen for five stunning new tracks, rounding out 2.5 hours of original music
New Artwork: new visual effects, renovated chambers, and updated animations abound
Expanded Story: new narrative events with every character, and thousands of new voice lines


Added nearly 50 Achievements! Note: You may earn certain Achievements once you load your game, based on past progress. Fear not, it isn't possible to have played past the point where you can unlock any Achievement. Ones not awarded retroactively should be reasonable to earn (e.g. clearing Tartarus).

General Gameplay

📢 Increased Darkness rewards when vanquishing Bosses
📢 Increased Darkness and Gemstone rewards from Elite encounters
You may receive a large surplus of Darkness, as a refund from adjusted Mirror of Night costs for Fated Authority and Fated Persuasion

Infernal Arms, Aspects, & Abilities

Stygian Blade: adjusted Dash-Strike recovery and input buffering
Stygian Blade (Zagreus Aspect): now increases move speed and Attack speed (rather than Dash distance)
📢 Heart-Seeking Bow: increased Attack and Special damage; reduced Attack and Special recovery time
Heart-Seeking Bow (Rama Aspect): reduced Attack charge-up time (it is faster); fixed an interaction between Shared Suffering effect and Breaking Wave (Poseidon)
Twin Fists (Zagreus Aspect): removed increase to attack speed (this was only affecting the first punch...)
Shield of Chaos (Chaos Aspect): updated behavior of bonus Shields from Throw special
Shield of Chaos (Zeus Aspect): increased damage radius of Throw special
Twin Fists (Hidden Aspect): new! Seek Asterius to reveal it (unlock Guan Yu and Fist aspects first)
Adamant Rail (Eris Aspect): increased damage bonus
Adamant Rail (Hestia Aspect): now easier to manually reload after firing
Adamant Rail (L------ Aspect): Bombs no longer block pathing

Boons & Blessings

Thunder Dash (Zeus): improved scaling from rarity
Electric Shot (Zeus): reduced scaling from Poms
Zeus' Aid: reduced damage
Lightning Rod (Zeus x Artemis): significantly increased attack range; increased attack rate
Razor Shoals (Poseidon): increased damage
Wave Pounding (Poseidon): increased damage bonus
Hydraulic Might (Poseidon): reduced damage bonus; increased duration; fixed when effect begins in encounters that do not start right away
Sunken Treasure (Poseidon): fixed scaling from rarity not working correctly
Parting Shot (Athena x Aphrodite): increased damage bonus
Merciful End (Athena x Ares): adjusted requirements for this to be offered; slightly reduced damage
Deadly Reversal (Athena x Artemis): adjusted requirements for this to be offered
Crush Shot (Aphrodite): reduced scaling from Poms
Urge to Kill (Ares): increased power level
Dire Misfortune (Ares): improved scaling from rarity
Curse of Vengeance (Ares): improved scaling from Poms
Blood Frenzy (Ares): increased power level
Slicing Shot (Ares): increased damage; reduced rate-of-attack to compensate
Blade Dash (Ares): increased damage; reduced rate-of-attack to compensate
Vicious Cycle (Ares): increased damage (to compensate for the previous changes)
Freezing Vortex (Ares x Demeter): reduced penalty to damage radius
Hunter's Dash (Artemis): reduced scaling from rarity
Fully Loaded (Artemis): adjusted requirements for this to be offered
Black Out (Dionysus): adjusted requirements for this to be offered
Demeter's Aid: reduced scaling from Poms
Swift Strike (Hermes): fixed an issue where this did not affect the third strike from the Stygian Blade
Greater Evasion (Hermes): reduced power level
Hyper Dash (Hermes): reduced scaling from rarity
Bad News (Hermes): adjusted requirements for this to be offered

Daedalus Hammer Upgrades

Rending Claws (Fists - Hidden Aspect): new! Dash-Upper makes foes slower and take more damage
Snap Nova (Blade): cut from game; replaced with...
Dash Nova (Blade): new! Lunge forward during your Special and briefly become Sturdy
Piercing Wave (Blade): increased damage
Perfect Shot (Bow): increased damage
Charged Volley (Bow): increased damage
Serrated Point (Spear): slightly increased Dash distance penalty
Quake Cutter (Fists): increased damage; now applies Boon effects
📢 Hazard Bomb (Rail): increased damage

Foes & Encounters

Fixed Thanatos sometimes showing up too frequently in Tartarus (as a result of using Infernal Gates)
Increased falling rubble damage to foes
Increased maximum money value earned from slaying foes in Survival encounters
Increased Darkness given by Sisyphus
Slightly reduced Well of Charon appearance rate
Slightly reduced Infernal Trove appearance rate; increased resource reduction speed
Reduced damage Bosses take from using Deflect effects against them
Wringer: significantly increased speed of Elite version
Tisiphone: this battle now has one fewer phases
Slam-Dancer: now has a death weapon similar to the Burn-Flinger
Spreader: reduced appearance rate of Elite version
Gorgon: increased sight radius
Dracon: increased sight radius
Skull-Crusher: adjusted hitbox of its nova attack under the effect of Middle Management (Pact)
Asphodel Barge of Death: added alternate encounter under the effects of Middle Management (Pact)
Flame Wheels: reduced explosive radius; reduced appearance rate of Elite variant
Splitter: Elite variant now fires several splitting shots at once; reduced appearance rate
Exalted Longspear: attack reduced to a single strike; Elite strikes three times successively
Soul Catcher: increased health
📢 The Minotaur: whirlwind attack telegraphs more distinctly while under Extreme Measures (Pact)
Theseus: each Olympian's aid also imbues his spear with special properties
Theseus and The Minotaur: they have learned a new tag-team maneuver (once you reach a certain point...)
Final Boss: added variant of this battle while under Extreme Measures (Pact); no longer susceptible to Charm effects during beam attacks; summoned urns now easier to target using mouse controls; Deflect effects now cause ranged projectiles to drop rather than destroying them
Optional Boss: fixed Deflect effects causing Backstab damage

Mirror of Night

Thick Skin: increased Darkness cost
Fiery Presence: increased power level
Privileged Status: increased Darkness cost
Abyssal Blood: fixed issues preventing this from working as described
Dark Foresight: fixed issues that made this less effective than described
Fated Authority: reduced max. rank; significantly reduced cost (invested Darkness will be refunded)
Fated Persuasion: significantly reduced cost (invested Darkness will be refunded)


Added not one but two new Keepsakes to discover
📢 Companion Fidi (Dusa): increased duration before summoned companion departs
Companion Shady (Sisyphus): removed variance in dropped rewards

Pact of Punishment

📢 Extreme Measures: increased Heat for third rank; added fourth rank (requires a certain Contractor item)
📢 Benefits Package: capped Savior Perk invulnerability rate; reduced spawns from Popper Perk
Tight Deadline: your time no longer resets between regions; clearing regions adds more time

House Contractor

Adjusted costs of various items (costs are lower, for the most part)
Codex Index: new! Lets you view each Olympian's Boon List (while browsing the Codex or choosing Boons)
📢 Vanquisher's Keep: new! Earn bonus Gemstones from vanquishing Underworld bosses
Extremer Measures: new! Unlock this brutal variant of the Final Boss (once you reach a certain point)
Decorative Themes: new! Revealed in the late-game, these 6 different themes alter the look of the UI
📢 Once purchased, you can now deactivate Shortcut, Great Hall

Resources Director

new! Revealed in the late-game, this shade lets you trade excess resources for a fancy Badge! These are cosmetic decorations for your Life Total UI.

Fated List of Minor Prophecies

The Reluctant Musician: new! Release Orpheus from solitary confinement (if you haven't already met him)
Power Without Equal: Discover all Legendary Boons
The God-Like King: new! Bring the Fists' Hidden Aspect to the surface
F----- R------: new! Complete the epilogue of the story
📢 Increased Gemstone rewards for many prophecies
Slightly reduced rewards for fulfilling the prophecy for each hidden Aspect

Permanent Record & Security Log

📢 The Permanent Record now shows Clears, Best Time, and Best Heat for everything
📢 You now can press and hold to rapidly scroll through Security Log escape attempts

Level Design & Environments

Added new environments related to the true ending...
You now can enter the locked chamber in the House of Hades (under certain conditions)
Adjusted camera height in some chambers
Fixed Zagreus appearing at incorrect scale in several chambers
Other minor fixes and improvements to various chambers

Art & Visual FX

Updated main menu art, animations, and logo
Updated Zagreus animation when jumping down at the start of an escape attempt
Updated Zagreus animation when he is defeated
Updated several Zagreus animations using the Stygian Blade
Updated textures and animations for Lord Hades while toiling in the House
Updated Orpheus character model (specifically, his lyre)
Updated artwork in inter-region chambers
Updated artwork in an early chamber in Tartarus, as well as the opening chamber
Updated artwork in the fountain chamber in Elysium
Updated artwork in the Asphodel Barge of Death
Updated textures for various foes in Tartarus
Updated firing effects for Witches
Updated death animation for Wretched Sneak
Updated Bone Hydra neck and base art and visual effects
Updated look of Wave-Maker projectiles (and similar effects)
Updated Dracon visual effects while burrowing
Updated textures for Satyrs
Updated Tiny Vermin death presentation
Updated Final Boss visual effects
Updated visual effect when Achilles and Orpheus leave the scene in certain events
Updated on-hit animations for Exalted
Updated Theseus pre-fight animations
📢 Updated visual effect for Fishing Points, making them easier to spot
Updated visual effects on Flame Wheels
Updated phase-in animation for Megagorgon
Updated visual effects for Punishing Sweep effect using Spear (Hades Aspect)
Updated icon for Bone Hourglass (Charon)
Updated visual effects for bonus shields using Shield (Chaos Aspect)
Updated visual effects for Magnetic curse using Fists (Talos Aspect)
Added visual effect when foes are struck by Charm effects
Added visual effects for Power Shot-style abilities granted by Daedalus Hammers
📢 Added visual effects for when foes' projectiles are hit using Deflect effects
📢 Added visual effect for Billowing Strength (Zeus)
📢 Added distinct effects for Broken Spearpoint (Fallen Warrior) and Divine Protection (Athena)
Added distinct visuals to locked exits in inter-region chambers
Minor updates to several images in the Codex
Many other visual fixes and improvements

Menus & UI

Updated look of floating text messages in most in-game contexts
Updated look of the Controls screen
Updated look of timer while using Tight Deadline (Pact)
Updated look of sidebar art while playing in ultrawide resolutions
Updated icons in the biome map travel sequence
Updated presentation when maxing out a Talent in the Mirror of Night
Updated presentation when entering the Temple of Styx main hall for the first time
Updated look of damage preview using the Rail's Bombard special
Updated look of various button prompts
Slightly increased text sizes in various contexts for improved readability
Improved menu navigation using controller input
Opening the Codex no longer requires pressing and holding the command
Version number no longer appears onscreen during gameplay (only in the main menu)
📢 Various fixes to Bloodstone ammo indicators using Aspect of Hera and Aspect of Beowulf
Unified look of Side Hustle (Hermes) and Golden Touch (Mirror) text
Fixed various formatting and text spillover issues in some languages
Other minor fixes, changes, and improvements

Music & SFX

Added five new music tracks! Listen for them in Asphodel, Elysium, and beyond...
Added sound effects for Fists' Hidden Aspect
Added sound effects for Rare Crop (Demeter) activating
Updated sound effects for various Final Boss attacks
📢 Reverb in the House of Hades gradually dampens as you fill the place with House Contractor items
📢 Weapon charge-up sounds pitch faster or slower based on the charge duration
Updated ambient sounds on the Asphodel Barge of Death
Updated combat emotes for the Minotaur
Updated sound effects on explosive upgrades from Daedalus Hammers
Updated sound effects for Voidstone invulnerability pulse
Updated sound effects entering Chaos Gates
Updated impact sounds using Electric Shot (Zeus) and Shield (Zeus Aspect)
Updated sound effects when fulfilling prophecies related to Hidden Aspects
Updated footstep sound effects while walking on various rugs
Other minor changes, fixes, and mix improvements

Voice & Narrative

Added one last new character to meet...
Added many new narrative events, with some for every character (with more than 3,000 new voice lines!)
Added many new Zagreus voice lines to various contexts for additional variety
Added Zagreus voice lines to some contexts (e.g. seeing a Kiss of Styx you can't afford in a Well of Charon)
Added Codex entries for Zagreus, a new location, and more
Added new Remembrance sequences (when Lord Hades appears at the start of some escape attempts)
Added a number of new Inspect Points to various locations
Added alternate portraits for a couple of characters
📢 Updated requirements and priority for various character subplots (these should advance more reliably)
📢 Updated requirements and other minor changes and improvements to various narrative events
📢 Fixed Theseus and the Minotaur sometimes lamenting one another's demise while already dead
Updated various older voice lines
The second flashback sequence can now occur several escape attempts earlier
Lord Hades will eventually take a brief recess from judging shades (then begin again...)
You now can listen to many conversations between other characters from farther away
Sometimes, Hypnos will be awake and ready to greet you as per his job description
The Wretched Broker and Megaera react to being the Featured Houseservant
Added several missing subtitles
Fixes and tuning to various contextual voice events


Integrated additional technical optimizations that should improve performance for some players
All text should be fully translated in all languages! To our vigilant Community Translators, thank you!!
Removed Development Roadmap, now that we have exited Early Access and launched v1.0
Added support for Cloud Saves (Epic Games Store version)
Added stickers for each character to the Keepsakes Screen (once you have forged a bond with them)
Added objective hints for revealing Weapon Aspects for the first time
Updated presentation when unlocking a character's Affinity Gauge
Updated presentation when forging bonds with each character
Updated presentation when revealing Weapon Aspects for the first time
Updated ordering of Keepsakes in the Keepsakes Screen (now that all of them are implemented)
Updated text position during Death Defiance presentation
Clarified text on Boons and Upgrades that affect base damage (as opposed to adding damage bonuses)
Adjusted size of Bone-Raker relative to other Bloodless
📢 You now can select the Mouse Wheel when remapping controls
📢 The sound effect for Fishing Points plays slightly sooner after encounters
Slightly reduced frequency of crowd reactions in the final chamber in Elysium
The Featured Houseservant Board in the House of Hades starts off looking bare-bones...
You now can no longer fish in Thanatos encounters before he appears
The Supportive Shade in the final chamber in Elysium now emotes when addressed by Zagreus
Removed occasional 'Perfect Landing' text when beginning escape attempts
Added more variety to messages when circumventing Cerberus in the Temple of Styx
In the House Contractor, a message appears under Court Music before it's available
Zagreus will not appear to take damage while entering a Chaos Gate with the Cosmic Egg (Chaos)
Added several new Victory Screen Commendations
Updated Credits
📢 Various text fixes, updates, and clarifications

Bug Fixes

Fixed various issues with environment art layering incorrectly
Fixed subplot between Achilles and the Fallen Warrior sometimes not advancing correctly
Fixed voice lines not playing when opening the Codex entry for the Fallen Warrior for the first time
Fixed Bloodstone ammo sometimes not regenerating as expected using Stygian Soul (Mirror)
Fixed golden flecks in the House of Hades not sparkling
Fixed an issue where Infernal Troves could be activated twice
Fixed visual issues where Chill effects could make other visual effects too bright
Fixed combat messages not playing correctly when foes are slain by falling rubble
📢 Fixed Crush Shot (Aphrodite) sometimes getting blocked unexpectedly
📢 Fixed Companion Fidi (Dusa) summon becoming trapped outside of the environment vs. Tisiphone
📢 Fixed an issue where losing a Death Defiance while fishing froze you in place
📢 Fixed Heaven's Vengeance (Zeus) not interacting correctly with Vengeful Mood (Zeus x Ares)
Fixed 'Prophecy Foretold' notifications playing invisibly while choosing a Boon
Fixed visual effects while using Rocket Bomb (Daedalus - Rail)
Fixed Companion Rib (Skelly) sometimes summoning in a spot inaccessible to the Tiny Vermin
Fixed damage fall-off effect not playing on small life bars
Fixed stun reaction presentation occurring while immune to stun effects
Fixed a visual issue where Aspect of Beowulf and Aspect of Rama attack sparkles became disjointed
Fixed instances of incorrect button prompts displaying using certain controllers
📢 Many, many, many other minor fixes

Quote of the Patch

'The labyrinth was then built by an eminent master-craftsman,
Daedalus, who had obscured all guiding marks and designed it
to cheat the eye with bewildering patterns of tortuous alleys.'
~Metamorphoses, Book 8: The Minotaur and Ariadne (Ovid; D. Raeburn translation)
Patch Notes Archive

For the full patch notes from our last Major Update in Early Access, check out The Blood Price Update Patch Notes (July, 2020).