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Hades II FAQ

By Supergiant Games December 9th, 2022

Last Updated May 6, 2024: Here are answers to frequently asked questions about our fifth game, Hades II! This FAQ is a comprehensive source of official details we can share about the game. We plan to update it with new information through the course of development.

What is Hades II?

Hades II is a rogue-like dungeon crawler in which you'll battle beyond the Underworld of Greek myth using dark sorcery to take on the sinister Titan of Time. Our studio's first-ever sequel builds on the best aspects of the award-winning original in an all-new, action-packed, endlessly replayable experience rooted in the Underworld of Greek myth and its deep connections to the dawn of witchcraft. Read our announcement and watch our reveal trailer:

As the immortal Princess of the Underworld, you'll explore a bigger, deeper mythic world, vanquishing the forces of the Titan of Time with the full might of Olympus behind you, in a sweeping story that continually unfolds through your every setback and accomplishment. New locations, challenges, upgrade systems, and surprises await as you delve into the ever-shifting Underworld again and again. See the game in action here (note this contains some spoilers):

Where can I play Hades II?

Hades II is now available in Early Access on: · Steam · Epic Games Store

Hades II is also Verified on Steam Deck, Valve's portable gaming computer.

We do not have a release date set for the completed Hades II v1.0, and expect to be in Early Access at least through the end of 2024. We expect for Hades II to eventually be available for PC, Mac, and console platforms (though cannot confirm which platforms yet).

How much does Hades II cost?

We are offering Hades II in Early Access for the retail price of $29.99 USD (with variance by region). Note that depending on the duration of Early Access and the scope of additional content we add to Hades II over time, we may raise the retail price at a later point.

If you purchase the game in Early Access, you'll automatically receive the complete v1.0 once it's available (you won't have to purchase the game again).

What can I expect from Hades II Early Access?

Early Access means you can purchase and play a work-in-progress version of Hades II, and optionally contribute feedback and gameplay data that's invaluable to our team as we work to fulfill the game's potential. Feedback from our player community through the course of development was foundational to the design and vital to the quality of the original game, so we are reprising that type of process with Hades II.

The game already has at least as much content in Early Access as the original did back when it launched in Early Access on Steam. And, even though Early Access inherently means a game is not yet complete, we have done our best to ensure Hades II will be worth your while as soon as you play it.

Similar to how we approached Early Access with the original, following our Hades II Early Access launch, we'll have several Major Updates adding the rest of the game's core content and refining what's there based on player feedback. The story will expand with each update, as we introduce more characters and add events with existing ones. This process will culminate in our v1.0 launch, which will feature the conclusion to the story and other finishing touches.

If you start playing Hades II Early Access, we are committed to making sure your save data works all through development, including once we launch v1.0.

Should I play in Early Access, or hold off?

For many players, it's a good idea to wait for the complete v1.0 before diving in, as we expect Hades II to grow and improve during Early Access, and the true ending of the story won't be available until then. But, if you like the idea of seeing the game evolve over time, and watching the story unfold more gradually, then Early Access is probably for you!

You may also want to hold out for v1.0 depending on which platform you'd like to play on, as Early Access is only on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Where can I get tech support for Hades II?

We have a comprehensive Hades II Technical Support FAQ that's the best place to start if you're experiencing any issues with the game!

How does Hades II relate to the original game?

Hades II is a direct sequel, set in and around the Underworld of Greek myth after the events of the original game. Chronos, the Titan of Time and the wicked father of Hades and his brothers, has escaped his imprisonment in the depths of the Underworld to wage war on Olympus. Can Time itself be stopped?

You don't need to know anything about the original game or Greek myth to enjoy Hades II. But if you do know the ins and outs of the original game or the classical mythology that inspired it, you'll find plenty of connections, as well as plenty of new challenges you'll have to learn to overcome. We want for players to experience a strong sense of discovery in Hades II, whether they are experienced with the original game or not.

Who is the protagonist of Hades II?

In Hades II, you play as Melinoë, the Princess of the Underworld, an immortal witch and sorceress with powerful magical abilities, deadly skill with a variety of shadowy weapons, and a score to settle.

Like her brother Zagreus from the original game, Melinoë is not a character of our own invention, and is based on an ancient Underworld deity thought to be related to Hades. What little ancient mythology exists about her was more than enough to make us want to explore her story and connection to her family, and in so doing, expand on our vision of the Underworld.

What's the connection between witchcraft and Greek myth?

Witchcraft is integral to numerous Greek myths, including some of the most famous, as well as many that inspired the original Hades and of course this sequel. Central to this ancient and oft-feared and misunderstood practice is Hecate, the secretive goddess of magic, witchcraft, and the crossroads. She plays a significant role in classical mythology surrounding Hades and the Underworld, and has been an influential and deeply compelling figure in witchcraft, myth, and folklore in a variety of cultures for thousands of years... so much so that we felt we needed a whole new game to try and do her justice.

As with the original game, our aim is to be faithful to the spirit of the classical sources that inspired us, from Homer to Hesiod. This extends to our portrayal of witchcraft in this game, given its strong ties to many of the myths and characters at the heart of both Hades and Hades II. Mythological tales of ancient gods and heroes live on by being told and retold, adapted, and filtered through new points of view across time; we're excited to share ours once again.

Is the game's soundtrack available?

Absolutely! Music has always been essential to the experience of each of our games, and Hades II is no exception, with an original soundtrack by our award-winning composer Darren Korb crafted to fit the bewitching theme and variety of all-new characters and environments.

Like the game itself, the soundtrack is not yet complete, and we expect to keep adding to it through the course of Early Access development. Look for it wherever the game is sold, or stream it free on our YouTube channel or Spotify!

Who is developing Hades II?

We are! We're Supergiant Games, a small independent game studio based in San Francisco, CA. Since 2009, we have strived to make games that spark your imagination like the games you played as a kid. We now have close to 25 people on our team (a few more than on the original Hades), including all seven of the original members of the team that created our first game, Bastion, and worked together on all our games ever since. We work on one main new game project at a time, and Hades II is that project for the foreseeable future.

You've never made a sequel before! Why now?

The original Hades is our most beloved game, and one that we loved building together as a team. Especially since it drew so much inspiration from classical Greek mythology, we always imagined the possibility of new stories in its world. But that in and of itself wasn't enough for us.

With each of our projects over the years, we've aimed to take on a new challenge that stretched our team's creativity and taught us more about how to make games well together. One such challenge we've long considered was to try and make a sequel that could somehow re-capture the sense of wonder and delight of its predecessor. Some of our all-time favorite games achieved this! The question is, can we? Hades II, with its new perspective on a shadowy and alluring aspect of Greek myth, is our opportunity to find out. We get to keep building on foundational ideas that have captivated us since Supergiant's early days, while expanding the world of Hades in ways we find very exciting, and hope you will, too.

What languages does the game support?

Hades II contains English text and voiceover, and includes full text translations in the following languages: German, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

How long has Hades II been in development?

We started working on Hades II in earnest at the start of 2021.

What tech are you using to develop the game?

We've been using our own tech and tools ever since Bastion, our first game. With each project, we've made significant investments and improvements to ensure our tools are as efficient as possible for our team, and that our game runs as smoothly as possible for as many players as possible.

Is Hades II a multiplayer game, or are there any plans for multiplayer?

Like its predecessor, Hades II is a single-player game. We have no plans for multiplayer, as we are creating the gameplay and narrative of Hades II with a solo experience in mind.

Who created your animated reveal trailer?

We collaborated with Studio Grackle on our animated reveal trailer for Hades II. We first teamed up with them for our Hades v1.0 Launch Trailer, and had such a good experience that we knew we wanted to work with them again to introduce Hades II to the world. The credits for the trailer, including voice talent for characters featured in it, are in the full description on YouTube.

Will you work with Noclip again on a video documentary about Hades II's development?

We loved working with Noclip on their Developing Hell video documentary series about the making of the original Hades, filmed throughout the course of its development. We've kept in touch with Noclip about our plans, though presently aren't doing something like last time. We appreciate your interest!

What if I have more questions?

We expect to keep updating this FAQ from time to time as development continues. Or if you'd like to discuss Hades II, one good place is our official Discord server, where you can chat with other players and get the latest news from our team. Thank you for your interest!