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Job Opportunity: Translators for Hades II

By Supergiant Games December 8th, 2022

Update: Applications for this position are now closed. Thank you to all those who applied!

Our small San Francisco-based team is seeking experienced translators to work closely with us to localize Hades II in a variety of languages. In this position, you will be responsible for translating the game's text content in one of our supported languages* throughout the course of development, as well as collecting and addressing relevant feedback during our Early Access phase.

You will be working in a mature pipeline for translation, using a web-based tool called CrowdIn to input and iterate on your translations. As part of this, you will be using Slack to regularly interact with our translators focused on other languages, as well as members of our development team including writers, producers, and engineers. During Early Access, text for translation will come in batches, and availability around each major update launch will be important to ensure a strong launch and quick resolution of any issues. This is a remote, contract position for the duration of Hades II development; the original Hades game contained more than 300,000 words, so this is a big project.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Translate the text content of Hades II into one of our supported languages*; evaluate and implement-as-needed feedback from the team and community.

  • Liaise with other translators and development staff to create and maintain shared solutions, standards, and practices for high-quality translation.

  • Maintain high awareness of the current state of the game, prioritizing key additions or changes, and regularly evaluating your work in context.

  • Deliver high-quality translations at a reliable cadence and based on foreknowledge of any specific deadlines and delivery requirements.

  • Work within any other constraints as needed, such as word counts or character counts.

About the Candidate:

  • Conversational, colloquial fluency in English and one of our supported languages*; preference for those living where your language is used daily.

  • 2+ years experience and 1+ shipped games as a translator in your language.

  • Grasp for translating the spirit of the original English to your language, maintaining consistency of voice through many different characters.

  • Experience playing Hades and Greek myth translations in your language.

  • Experience using collaborative tools on an international translation team.

  • Experience reading game data using text editing software (e.g. SublimeText).

  • Organized, deadline-oriented, clear in communication, keen eye for detail.

Compensation: We offer $0.25 per word translated (inclusive of any revisions/iterations), completion bonuses for each major update, and a collaborative environment where you’ll have many opportunities to work directly with an award-winning development team and fellow translators.

Crediting: In any shipping version of the game, you would be credited using the name you specify, under Translation or Additional Translation for your language based on your level of contribution to the project.

* Supported Languages: We are currently seeking translators for these languages: French (FR), Italian (IT), German (DE), Spanish (ES), Polish (PL), Russian (RU), Turkish (TR), Simplified Chinese (ZH-CN), Traditional Chinese (ZH-TW), Korean (KO), Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR), Ukrainian (UA), Greek (EL)

Note that while this may not necessarily be the complete list of languages for the full game, we are not seeking translators for other languages at this time.