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Now Available: Transistor Collectible Figure!

By Greg Kasavin January 18th, 2016

Red and the Transistor might belong to each other, but now, they can belong to YOU in the form of this new Transistor Collectible Figure!

Hey Red!

Some background: Years ago, after we made our first game, Bastion, we wanted to create some merchandise around it. It felt satisfying to have a tangible artifact based on a digital game, and there was a palette-cleansing process in shifting gears from building software to physical items. Plus, fans of our game seemed to really enjoy the result!

One of the first items we produced was the Bastion Original Soundtrack CD, and it ended up being a big hit much like the game. Since then we've made posters, T-shirts, pins, even USB drives! All of these items were designed by the very same team that created our games, and we fulfill store orders to anyplace in the world straight from our San Francisco headquarters.

Here's the figure next to the unique packaging.

There's always been a long list of stuff we hoped to make one day, provided we could get it right. And now, we're pleased to scratch one of the top items off that list as we present to you the Transistor Collectible Figure, featuring Red and her favorite mysterious weapon of unknown origin. Head on over to our online store to order one today while supplies last.

More than a year in the making, the figure is designed by our art director Jen Zee and created in partnership with the folks at We Love Fine. Red stands approximately 6" tall on a custom base and comes packaged in a unique translucent box shown here.

Red's been a big part of our lives for a number of years now so it's been great to see her smiling face day in and day out. We hope you'll feel the same way!