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Now Available: Transistor Theme for PlayStation 4

By Supergiant Games February 11th, 2015

Update Oct. 2020: Downloadable themes including this one are no longer for sale on the PlayStation Store, though we're leaving this up for posterity!
One of the many cool features of the PlayStation 4 is the ability to use custom themes for the console's interface. We decided to make one based on our latest game!

Now available on the PlayStation Store, the Transistor Theme can be yours for $2.99. Have a look in lo-res gif form:

Immerse yourself in the world of Transistor with our dynamic PS4 theme!

The theme features all-new artwork by Josh Barnett, who created the look and feel of Transistor's sleek menus and visual effects. It also features sound and music by Darren Korb, notably a new mix of Tangent from the Transistor Original Soundtrack, with vocals by Ashley Barrett.

Here are some additional images of the theme:

The Transistor Theme features a fully 3D wire-frame diagram of a certain extraordinary weapon of unknown origin.

The Theme has a separate look for when you're accessing admin-level functions on your PS4.

Another look at the Transistor Theme, a.k.a. Royce's desktop wallpaper.

If you enjoyed Transistor for the PS4 (or are in the process of doing so), we hope you'll download the new theme! Let us know what you think on Twitter.