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Our Online Store is Open for Business!

By Greg Kasavin December 01 2011

Guess what?! As of right this second, we now have several pieces of Bastion merchandise for sale at our brand-new online store!

Our first crop of items includes:

Bastion Original Soundtrack CD ($14.99)

Own a physical copy of the highly acclaimed Bastion original soundtrack! Features an hour of original music by Darren Korb, including two bonus tracks. (Also available as a digital download.) Purchase

Bastion Bandana ($4.99)

You don’t have to be a Kid to rock this 21" x 21" cotton screen-printed bandana, featuring the Star of Caelondia emblazoned across the center, and the Bastion logo plus an unassuming Squirt adorning the corners. Purchase

Caelondia Masons Society T-Shirt ($19.99)

Now you can join Rucks and the Kid as an honorary member of the Caelondia Masons Society, the hard-working folks who built the City and the Rippling Walls. (Also available in crimson and olive.) Purchase

Kid vs. Scumbag Limited Edition Print ($9.99)

The Kid stands his ground against the oldest Scumbag of them all in this high-quality limited edition print by Bastion’s art director, Jen Zee. The artwork is 11” x 17” in size. Purchase

Bastion Ultimate Collector’s Bundle ($39.99)

Includes all of the above at a discounted price, plus -- for a limited time -- a copy of the Kid vs. Scumbag Limited Edition Print autographed by all seven of us at Supergiant! Purchase

~ ~ ~

Since Bastion came out this summer, we’ve received a lot of requests for various Bastion-themed memorabilia, so thanks to all of you who’ve expressed interest and we hope you enjoy our initial selection.

By the way, we’ve received a ton of requests for different kinds of items, so just because we’re not offering all that other stuff now doesn’t mean we’ll never do it. We design all our own merchandise, so we’d much rather release a smaller number of high quality items over time than try to do everything at once. We will also be handling order fulfillment from our new HQ in San Francisco.