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Pre-Order: Nendoroid Zagreus!

By Supergiant Games January 27th, 2022

Update: The preorder period for Nendoroid Zagreus has concluded. Thank you for your interest!

We're so excited that Zagreus is joining Good Smile Company's legendary line of Nendoroid super-cute collectibles! You can pre-order him from Good Smile's official web site.

The rebellious Prince of the Underworld comes with accessories such as a Bloodstone and Nectar bottle, plus the trusty Shield of Chaos (for when the Stygian Blade doesn't cut it).

Collaborating with Good Smile on this figure has been a fantastic experience, and we were thrilled to see the amazing response to the Twitter reveal this week! Several of us at Supergiant own no small number of Nendoroid figures based on some of our favorite characters from games and anime, so seeing Zagreus join this fray is like a dream come true. Besides, statues of famous Greek gods and heroes have been around for thousands of years... seems only fair that Zagreus should also exist in statue form!