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Pyre @ PAX East 2016 Recap

By Greg Kasavin May 2nd, 2016

We are back from a glorious trip to PAX East, where we showed our next game Pyre for the very first time! We're now back and excited to keep forging ahead on this next project, BUT FIRST! A recap of the show.

Supergiant @ PAX East in Photos: Our whole team was on hand to meet with hundreds of people each day who queued up to play the game. Have a look the photo gallery of our trip!

Nothing like watching hundreds of people play our game for the first time!

Media Impressions of Pyre: Check out a wide variety of hands-on previews and interviews about the game, as well as direct-feed gameplay footage of what we showed!

"I was totally sold on its weird, beautiful, original world." --

"In Pyre, your friends are your power, and it's your responsibility to cultivate that." --

"Pyre is a strange, beautiful, magical creation." --

"Pyre may not be what you were expecting, unless you merely expect Supergiant to be creatively bold." --

Video: 'Ave a Gander at Pyre -- TotalBiscuit (also: uncommented gameplay)

"Beyond its thematic consistency and innovative genre-splicing, Pyre is just plain enjoyable." --

" The Oregon Trail meets Rocket League." --

"Pyre looks to have all the potential of all of Supergiant’s previous games and then some." -- EGMNow

"The brief glimpse of the game offered at PAX East has already generated a huge wave of excitement." --

"'s a gorgeous blend of styles." --

"’s a joy to report that Pyre appears to be yet another wonderful experience from Supergiant Games." -- Hardcore Gamer

"Supergiant Games has something special in store for us all in 2017." --

"At the end of the demo, I didn’t want to leave the booth. I wanted to wait in line and play it again." -- Tom's Hardware

"My time with Pyre left me wanting more." -- The Outerhaven (plus interview)

"...the game sucked me into its world effortlessly." -- Irrational Passions

"...the game truly captivated us." -- Push Square

"...the game just clicked with me." --

"...the writing was immediately engaging and fun." --

"With their third game, they are not missing a single beat." -- Black Girl Nerds

"Pyre is quickly shaping up to be another indie-legend for Supergiant." -- Skewed & Reviewed

"Pyre is a stunning game with very interesting potential." -- Blogcritics

"Pyre continues the studio's tradition of creating gorgeous, magical worlds." -- Hooked Gamers

"I had a great time with Pyre and I’m looking forward to seeing where Supergiant takes it." -- Blackman 'n Robin

"It’s incredible that Supergiant is able to do so much with so little." -- GameCrate

Video: Favorite Game from PAX! -- Starsnipe

Video Interview -- ReedPOP

Video Interview -- GameEnthus

Audio Interview: Supergiant Co-Founder Gavin Simon -- Just Press Start

* * *

Did we miss anyone? Let us know on Twitter! This was our sixth consecutive PAX East. One of the great things about the show is seeing some of the same folks there year after year. For those who couldn't join us in person, we hope this recap serves as a bit of a substitute! Until next time, we'll be hunkering down, looking to make Pyre live up to the promise so many of you out there see in it. Thank you again for all your support!