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Rock Out in The Superstar Update!

By Supergiant Games October 8th, 2019

Get ready for our most game-changing Early Access update yet when next you delve into the Underworld of Hades!

The Superstar Update introduces a variety of new systems and improvements that will keep you battling out of hell in even more spectacular fashion -- all while living the Underworld life in style. Here are just some of the highlights:

- Unlock almighty Weapon Aspects, revealing legendary past incarnations of each of your weapons, along with powerful new properties.

- Brave the reworked Pact of Punishment, providing an all-new endgame challenge. Which nasty Conditions are you willing to accept to earn valuable Bounties?

- Meet star-crossed lovers Eurydice & Orpheus, and discover their all-too-tragic past... and see if you can help their future?

- New House cosmetics, resources, upgrades, & more! You can now decorate the House of Hades, or collect many rocking tracks for the new Music Stand.

For good measure, this update introduces a brand-new music piece, featuring the beautiful voice of longtime Supergiant Games collaborator, Ashley Barrett:

There are so many new fully-voiced story events, visual improvements, exciting new balance changes and upgrades that we think you'll agree this is our most jam-packed major update yet. Full patch notes are available here on our web site, in the game client, and our official Discord, where we invite you to join the conversation with many more players and Supergiant fans. Oh, and we also have then in highly-listenable, fully-recorded form:

Hope you enjoy, and keep letting us know what you think!