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Supergiant @ PAX East 2017

By Greg Kasavin March 08 2017

We're making our annual trip to Boston this weekend for PAX East, where we'll have Pyre playable on the show floor -- including demos of both the campaign and our recently announced two-player Versus Mode!

About Pyre: Our third game is a party-based RPG where you lead your band of exiles to freedom through a series of mystical competitions. Pyre should be available later this year for PlayStation 4 and Steam (you can add it to your Steam wishlist now if you like!). We haven't yet announced a specific launch date, though watch this space or follow @SupergiantGames for the latest news.

Development Update - Getting Warmer! It was at PAX East almost a year ago that we first showed Pyre to the world, so it's great to be back! The game's come a long way since we first revealed it, and we're now fast approaching an important internal milestone where all the game's features and content are designed and implemented in some form.

From there, we've still got a lot to do, polishing and optimizing and refining everything -- though the finish line is in sight! For many developers, the final stages of development can be some of the most vital, and that's certainly been true for us and our first two games. It's also a phase of development where we as a team are in our comfort zone. As exciting as it is dreaming up our games in the first place, the process of finishing really keeps us focused.

We've been able to play through Pyre's campaign from beginning to end since the fall of last year. Since then, our focus has been on building out the story and characters and every aspect of the world and presentation to get it closer to the final level of quality we're aiming for. We can hardly wait for you to meet our new game's big cast of characters and explore the sights and sounds of its mystical world! We'll have more to say about Pyre in the months and weeks leading up to its launch, so stay tuned.