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Transistor Earns 15+ Award Nominations @ E3 2013!

By Greg Kasavin June 25th, 2013

We survived our exciting trip to the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo, where we let lots of people get their hands on Transistor for the first time. Turns out a bunch of them liked it! See below for links to what people said about the game, or check our E3 photo gallery on Facebook for a glimpse of our trip. In the meantime, much as we loved basking in the neon light of E3, it feels good to be back to work! We're in the thick of development and look forward to making good progress this summer.

//E3 Awards & Award Nominations//

Game Critics Awards - Best Downloadable Game

Game Informer - Best Downloadable Game

Polygon - Editor's Choice Selection

Destructoid - Game of the Show (Nominee)

Yahoo! Games - Best of E3 2013 Selection

TIME Techland - Most Intriguing Narrative

IGN - Best PlayStation 4 Game (Nominee), Biggest Surprise (Nominee)

The Nerdist - Best Downloadable/Indie Game

Electric Playground - Best Indie Game

Game Revolution - Best of E3 2013 Selection

The Escapist - E3 2013 We Love It Award - Best Action RPG

Digital Trends - Best Digital Download (Nominee) - Best of E3 2013 Selection - Best of E3 2013 Selection

Gaming Excellence - Best Downloadable Game (Nominee) - Best PlayStation 4 Game (Nominee), Best Indie Game (Nominee)

STFUandPlay - Best 2D Action Game

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//E3 Preview Highlights//

Transistor Coming to PS4 -PlayStation Blog

"The game plays beautifully." -Game Informer

"Supergiant's Transistor is looking magnificent." -Rock Paper Shotgun

"Our socks were charmed clean off."

"Transistor was easily my Game of the Show."

"Transistor players must unravel the relationship between Red and her weapon."

"Transistor hits you with style as soon as the E3 demo begins." -

"Supergiant Games left a lot of people thirsty for this game after playing the demo."

Transistor E3 Interview

Transistor - GameSpot Stage Demo

"Transistor seems to showcase the same dedication and consistency of presentation that made Supergiant a favorite after Bastion."

"Transistor sends shivers down my spine."

"I honestly couldn't wait to see what happened next." -extra life

"A full realization of what the team at Supergiant wants to make." -Game Front

"Playing it made me realize Transistor is striking out in some very exciting ways."

"The artistry of Transistor is a beautiful representation of Supergiant Games's style."

"This game looks amazing." -The Mary Sue

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