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Transistor: Now on Nintendo Switch!

By Supergiant Games November 1st, 2018

Experience Red's journey like never before with Transistor for Nintendo Switch!

Get it now on the Nintendo eShop! ($19.99)

Our sci-fi themed action RPG invites you to wield an extraordinary weapon of unknown origin as you fight through a stunning futuristic city. Our studio's second game is a critical and commercial hit that's earned more than 100 awards and accolades. We've faithfully adapted and optimized it for Nintendo Switch, taking advantage of HD rumble and the system's unique design.

Transistor first debuted in 2014, several years after the successful launch of our first game, Bastion (also on Switch). With it, we really wanted to prove to ourselves and our players that we could create a whole new universe with a unique sense of style and play, and looking back we couldn't be happier with the response it got. To everyone for whom Transistor struck a chord, thank you so much!