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HADES: Now on iOS via Netflix Games!

By Supergiant Games March 19th, 2024

We're excited to announce Hades is now available on iPhone and iPad! All you need is a Netflix subscription, which includes our Game-of-the-Year-winning rogue-like dungeon crawler at no extra charge, among a host of great games!

How can I play Hades on iOS?

Hades requires an iPhone or iPad with iOS 16 or later (iOS 17 devices recommended).

All you need is a compatible device and a standard subscription to Netflix! While signed in to the Netflix app on your device, simply navigate to the games row and look for Hades. You can also download Hades direct from the App Store! You'll need to sign in to Netflix to play.

What's new about Hades on iOS?

This latest version of Hades features all-new, highly customizable touch controls, along with the fast, responsive, endlessly replayable action and reactive storytelling that captivated players around the world. In addition to the touch controls, you can also use a Bluetooth controller to battle out of hell.

What's Netflix Games?

We all know Netflix as a premier streaming video service. On top of that, your standard subscription also includes a variety of excellent games you can download and play right now on compatible devices, at no additional charge! Hades is the latest to join the growing library.

Can I purchase Hades for iOS separately?

Hades for iOS is available only through Netflix Games at this time.

Does Hades on iOS support Cloud Saves and Achievements?

Yes and yes. Please note, however, that due to a variety of technical constraints, automatic save transfers (i.e., cross-saves) with any prior versions of Hades are not supported.

Does Hades on iOS have in-app purchases?

No, same as other versions of the game. The exception is that a Netflix subscription is required, and if you don't have one, you will be prompted.

Is Hades also coming to Android devices?

We appreciate the interest though we have no plans for additional versions of Hades at this time.

What's next for Supergiant Games?

Together with our development partners at Secret 6, we've been working on Hades for iOS for more than a year, on top of the several years it took us to create the original versions. Our other major project is Hades II, which we are readying for an Early Access launch in Q2. This year marks our small independent studio's 15th anniversary, and we're very excited to keep moving forward, making games together!

For more information about Hades and Supergiant Games, have a look at our Hades FAQ!