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Happy Holidays from Supergiant!

By Supergiant Games December 21 2015

As the year winds to a close, we wanted to reflect on 2015, highlight a few recent announcements, and most of all say thank-you to all of you out there who've made it possible for us to keep doing what we're doing here at Supergiant. With Transistor having sold more than a million copies now, and Bastion having sold more than three million, we feel incredibly fortunate to be able to stick together as a team and with any luck keep making the kinds of games that resonate with you for a long time to come.

Latest Happenings: It's the holidays so these days you can get great deals on stuff we've made.

· Get Transistor for PC/Mac/Linux for just $3.99 in the Steam Winter Sale.

· Get Bastion for PC/Mac/Linux for just $3.74 in the Steam Winter Sale.

· Get Transistor for iPhone/iPad/AppleTV for just $2.99 through the holidays.

· Get Bastion for iPhone/iPad for just $0.99 through the holidays.

· Get up to 40% off Transistor and Bastion merchandise in our online store through the holidays.

· Get Bastion for the PlayStation Vita, just launched! Buy it and get the PS4 version free or vice versa.

Year in Review: Last year we launched our second original game, Transistor. This year we managed to keep plenty busy as well, continuing to support both Transistor and Bastion with launches on new platforms. Here are some of the highlights:

January: Transistor earns 100+ industry accolades, sells >600k copies
February: Transistor dynamic theme launches on PS4
April: Bastion launches on PS4
June: Transistor launches on iPhone and iPad
November: Transistor launches on the new Apple TV
December: Bastion launches on PS Vita

* * *

As we look ahead to 2016, our goal as a studio remains the same as when we were just getting started in the living room of a house in San Jose back in 2009: to stick together as a small team, and keep making games that spark your imagination.

Supergiant Games ca. 2015

Thank you again for letting us do this, and here's to the new year.

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